21 February 2015

Actualizing Blessings

I've decided to postpone the Saturn rite for at least a week. I did a few tarot readings and spoke with some of my spirits, and the consensus was that I should let the powers released from the spheres continue to grow and extend for a little while longer before expanding their boundaries. Frankly as I excited as I am to meet Cassiel I do feel like there's much more potential coursing through my personal sphere that needs some more time to actualize. Intuitively it would feel awkward to release the Saturnian current at this time when the present boundaries have yet to even fully settle.

With that said, the blessings from the spheres have been just incredible. I think it's safe to say that virtually every aspect of my life has become happier, richer, and more successful. I adore all the new spirits that have been introduced to me and bonding with them over these weeks has been a treasure. There's a fantastic sense of confidence that comes with it all too—working with the planets and seeing how powerful their influences are has opened up the door to approaching the corresponding archangels for assistance in whatever situation I need. I love these rituals!

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