19 February 2015

Plans and Such

Today was one of those days of surveying. I organized some of my spaces, took inventory of my materials, made offerings, and began to plan for the near future. It's only been a few days since the lunar rite but I've already noticed a profound change in the way I literally see my surroundings, actions, and consequences. If I ever feel unsatisfied I can immediately diagnose the root. Every time I sense something irking me the cause is identified at once. I'm very particular about the way things are placed, the directions they're facing, and how they look in accordance to the greater layout. A few altar set ups I was previously quite happy with now are begging for change, and that disconnect was prickling me since the morning.

Since I use this blog as a kind of sorcerous diary, I want to mark down some plans I want to accomplish in the coming week-and-a-half. In no particular order, here are a few goals:
  1. Create a planetary archangel shrine. My work with Seven Spheres has been supremely beneficial and has ignited a profound interest in Hermeticism in me. I want to work with the archangels far more often on their days and hours, and I feel compelled to set up a shrine in thanks for their blessings. The space will also host the talisman bags I've been making. I will keep an eye out for some suitable figurines as well.
  2. Set up some very small, three-item-or-so shrines for the new guides who have come to me through the rites near my working altar.
  3. Buy a small cast iron cauldron. 
  4. Buy something like a tiny, cheap bowl to let smaller candles burn in. 
  5. Resume daily one-card tarot draws every morning. 
  6. Relearn the Theban script. I had it memorized when I was fifteen; it's time to practice again.
As an aside, I also need to meditate, do some divination readings, and consult some of my guides about the Saturn rite and whether I should do it sooner or later. 

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