28 February 2015


I'm going to start off by saying that when I decided to postpone my Saturn rite, I was expecting having to wait about three weeks. Instead, I felt an immense calling to perform it today. I checked in every way possible to confirm it was time via divination, but the more the day progressed the more I felt I simply had to do it. Even the date itself started seeming immensely appropriate: it's the final day of the month.

I felt that the powers released into my sphere in the last six rites were still developing, but that there were many things about my personal gifts that would greatly benefit from a Saturnian blessing at this time. And so with a whole lot of encouragement from my tarot deck I decided to proceed and summon Cassiel.

Since completing the final rite I have felt an immense and profound peace. I was out of breath for the first thirty minutes after blowing out the candle, but after allowing the energies to fully settle I have felt calm, focused, and level. So many things happened in the short time the ritual took. It's tempting to just go on and write publicly about Cassiel's immeasurable power and grace, his sagely advice, the vision he bestowed on me, and what it was like to meet the spirit he brought me into contact with, but I am fully aware that the experience of this rite above all the others is one that should be kept private. I will continue to honour Cassiel in many other rituals to come, and I will respect his secrets with my silence.

This freedom and clarity feels as stable as my own bones. It's like aches I wasn't even aware I had were taken away and replaced with a sense of unity and purpose. I will definitely reflect further on the Seven Spheres soon. At this moment I need to rest.

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