23 February 2015


Watching blessings unfold for oneself is one thing, but seeing the same happen (with the same intensity) for others is even more enchanting. I don't know when I'll stop gushing about these planetary rites, but it certainly isn't just me anymore that's ranting excitedly about them in my friend group anymore. Ziia has been seeing some absolutely insane results lately and I am so excited for the both of us. The rituals were definitely the topic of discussion at hand for today's coven meeting. Chattering aside, we also held a long séance with our guides and began work on some new communal enchantments.

I'm reminded again of how blessed and fortunate I feel to know other witches and sorcerers in person who walk similar (and wildly different) paths. Being part of a ready community, however small, that can share resources, test spells, and debate ideas is something I'm so glad to have.

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