27 February 2015

Some Updates

I'm reaching that point in the semester where all the due dates pile up on top of each other, which can get pretty stressful. The next few weeks will be very busy.

In the meanwhile I've been working through the list I made earlier. I've been drawing tarot cards daily again and the archangel shrine is well on its way. The smaller shrines have all been set up as well. Moving things around and checking if the the spirits find the new layouts and positions to be favourable took some time, but it was well worth it. It's peculiar how much a difference altitude makes. While most are ambivalent, some spirits really appreciate having their dedicated spaces be either high up, at eye-level, or on the ground. There was an intense positive response when I moved Ishtar's shrine to the highest point in the room, for example.

I also finally have a cauldron. Ziia is so sweet—she bought me a beautiful black, cast iron one exactly like I wanted. In return I got her a copy of the Prose Edda. I like to add a tiny bit of Florida water to every water offering (the scent and the alcohol is a nice bonus) but that's about all I use the cologne for. I'm thinking of using it as a base to light on fire for work with the cauldron.

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