14 March 2015

Dreams and Journeys

I've been dreaming true non-stop since I set up the archangel shrine. It's admittedly as creepy as it is amazing—each dream so far has foretold something crucial for the coming day without pause. For example, Thursday night my dream concerned personal prosperity, success, and wealth (I actually can't recall if I've ever formally dreamed of financial wealth before; it's not a common dreaming topic for me) and Friday morning I found out I won a significant award at a creative writing contest I submitted some work to. The experiences have occurred along those lines of immediate manifestation.

Wanting to take advantage of this, I posed an open query to the shrine, inviting any latent and stirring energies to answer however they would. I wanted to test the waters, so I asked a general question about what it is that I should pay attention to in the future when it comes to removing obstacles and barriers. This was yesterday, and the resulting dream last night was astounding. It had all the elements of the guided meditative journeys I'm so used to working with in my craft, and even in the dream I was conscious of this, constantly wondering who it was that was constructing the environments I was in while fulfilling the tasks and battling the adversarial forces. At the final stage Gabriel himself, appearing exactly as he did to me in the Seven Spheres Lunar rite, manifested and locked me into a pocket-realm for the kind of ritual interrogation you'd expect upon being initiated into an order, to ensure all oaths would be kept.

It began like an arduous test, but ended like the most fruitful of therapy sessions. I said that the result of the Saturn rite made me feel like "aches I wasn't even aware I had were taken away". The effects of this dream-journey promoted essentially the mental equivalent of that feeling. I felt sore, calloused, and sluggish when I woke as if I had just ran a marathon, but as soon as I recalled Gabriel's words and did as he instructed I was in paradise. Needless to say I made offerings to the shrine immediately in thanks. This was the kind of advice I needed that I will use for years to come.

My heartfelt thanks, Gabriel.

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