24 March 2015

Exchanging Gifts

I work with the land. Local spirits tend to be quite content with their lives and have enough things to do on their own without the intervention of young witch-shamans, but I find that it is still necessary to be on good terms. When you're constantly working magic, casting outdoors, and of course residing in the area physically with a full court of powerful spirits and guides, a mutual acknowledgement is key in ensuring you're not accidentally overstepping your bounds. Accidents can happen. A landmark you sense has power might be a sacred home, and its faery keeper might not appreciate you using it as a site for an on-the-go, intuitive spell. The best way to avoid unintentionally being rude or inconsiderate is to actually communicate, check, negotiate, and give thanks. 

Having a good relationship with the land isn't one-sided, however. The earth gives back and encourages talent. I received a new stang this January the same way I did all the past staves I worked with in the old neighbourhoods I lived in: by asking for one to appear to me. Recently some of my spirits suggested that I craft a new, large staff for bigger rituals and group work. Below is a large (over a meter) straight branch I found the next day after praying:

I adore it. Just like with the stang, there is an exact stretch that feels so comfortable and natural to hold, right where my hand rests parallel to my chest when I am holding something so tall. I'm going to meditate on how to dress it and work with my spirits in its consecrating. Tomorrow I will be leaving offerings where I found it as well.

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