2 March 2015

Seven Spheres Recap

I've already spoken at length about how the Seven Spheres rites are not only impressive, effective, and all-around incredible but also uniquely practical. I began the project having virtually never worked with archangels before and "finished" it with powerful new allies, blessings, and techniques to consider and work with. "Finished" is in quotations precisely for that reason—these powers are not something I intend to enjoy and then shelf away; from now on I will be incorporating them into my regular occult practice. I suspect that I will continue to cycle through the Chaldean order of the planets in repetition, communing with the archangels and seeking them out for guidance, power, and wisdom.

It really feels like an entire new avenue of magic and manifestation has been made open to me. Planetary hours were something I never paid attention to before, and now while I don't feel confined to them I have a completely different appreciation for their power. Similarly I'm infinitely more in-tune with the planetary currents themselves. I can tell when something just feels Jovian as opposed to Solar, and so on. With the archangels themselves I think it is clear: I love working with them. Spiritualism is just so incredibly exciting—how entrancing it is to be able to converse with these magnificent beings, to glean from their wisdom and to be reciprocated in our love. In addition to setting up a shrine I'm planning on creating a wood-burned Table of Practice in the coming month. It will take some practice working with the tools, but I am certain the results will be fruitful.

An opportunity to work with the angels in more depth is actually fast approaching: I've been commissioned to perform a very complicated ritual on the behalf of a client. Naturally I am still working with the deities I revere with the same regularity and passion, but this request in particular is simply one that by its nature would be highly suited to include a planetary petition. March is definitely going to be a busy month.

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