31 March 2015

Tidying the Home

I cleaned everything today. Dusted, mopped, the whole show. I was meditating in the room that houses my working altar and most of the shrines when the "aha!" moment came, throttling me into productivity. It felt great to put my floor washes to good use and really cleanse and purify the entire space as a whole. Everything is glowing and refreshed now.

I wanted to capitalize on that sudden rush of "I have to do XYZ right now" impulses, and so I ended up cranking out the main grimoire and working some enchantments. More and more spirits joined in, resulting in a frenzy of magic, blessings, and dancing. I burned lots of candles and left out various offerings afterwards. In addition to nourishing the spirits in thanks they seemed to empower the entire home in unison.

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