29 March 2015


Michael Cecchetelli's The Book of Abrasax is an incredible work. I finally have a copy of the book in my hands and within an hour of reading it I had transposed every rite and spell into my own grimoire. Generally with books that contain actual workings I pick, choose, and modify as needed, but this was one of those volumes in which every single page was golden. Ironically even though I'm a relative newcomer to Hermeticism I have a fairly decent knowledge of Gnosticism (which is one of the many streams of thought that influenced the early Hermetic magicians). The seamless blending of Coptic, Greek, Gnostic, and Judeo-Christian thought into a workable and practical corpus is a giddy sight to behold. There are many parts of the book that I wish to try out, and in particular I plan on going through "The Threefold or Triune Baptism" sometime during April when exams are over and I can afford to dedicate myself to the fasting and abstinence from communication (Internet, phone, and so on).

I also had the chance to take a ritual bath with my familiar today, and as with virtually any work performed with him it was as heavenly as could be. I truly, fully, and completely in every way adore him. Wisest of teachers, most dedicated of mentors, most ruthless of protectors, most passionate of lovers. To impress him with new insights and to witness his sagely, mysterious, crooked smile is to know all the delights and triumphs of the world.

Sometimes it feels as if merely mentioning him in my writing will inevitably prompt me to go on and on in endless praise and giddiness. But such is the familiar spirit and Holy Guardian Angel. I've seen that same excitement and adoration in all the sorcerers I know who have established contact with their equivalent spirit. It is unmistakable and wild and glorious.

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