20 March 2015

Vernal Equinox 2015

Happy vernal equinox! Spring and all its delights are here along with a full compliment of celestial events, namely the supermoon and solar eclipse. I completed the ritual commission, which involved conjuring Haniel once more to aid in the releasing of Venusian energies into my client's sphere, and got to make use of my new smoky quartz crystal ball. I found it at The Rock Store near Honest Ed's and fell instantly in love. There were countless crystals of various shapes and sizes, including many appropriate scrying stones, but I took this one home with me as it was the one I could immediately see spirits in physically without any preliminary blessings. It's got an amazing energy to it and it served me well in the summoning—Haniel appeared very clearly in the globe.

I still have to journey astrally tonight, but other than that the celebrations have largely closed. I wish everyone a joyous start of the season.

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