9 March 2015

Witchy Firsts

The household connection returned just in time for the meeting (yay!). As always we shared experiences, tips, and recent happenings and cast group spells. Today in particular we worked some group financial success and prosperity spells, timed in accordance to some transitions one of us was experiencing. We also laid a compass together and put my new cauldron to use for the first time. 

Wow was I missing out not having a cauldron, okay? I want to work with it as often as is reasonable. The great symbolism of womb and tomb, the ease of use (especially pertaining to burning things, adding ingredients, casting energies out) and the witchy heritage all just combine into an incredible tool. The only reason I didn't have one up until now was because I could never find an affordable one locally that was also of a decent size. International Herbs saved the day once again—many thanks to Ziia again for getting me the one I had been not-so-subtly eyeing for the past three weeks. My days of fire-resistant bowls are duly over.

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