19 March 2015

Finishing Up

Is there anything more satisfying than handing in a final essay you've laboured on for days at the library? Probably yes, but right now few things can match it. Late March-early April in university is hectic.

However, now that I finally have free time again, all I've been doing is writing, reading, and scrying. A tradition is manifesting and it is coherent, cohesive, and incredibly nuanced. I have been scribbling all over notebooks and typing up a patchwork of documents piecing together all the visions that have recently occurred, their meanings, ways of crafting, more thorough analyses of the five deities central to the path, and so on. It's all the coven has been talking about. It's truly an incredible thing to feel—something so thick and tangible and hot to the touch being born literally as we work together. It lives within and without us, and the within part is every bit as intoxicating as the without.

Tomorrow is the spring equinox, complete with both a solar eclipse and a supermoon (which won't be visible except for its shadow, since it is a new moon). It's also the exact date my latest ritual commission is scheduled for, precisely because of the timing. I'm greatly looking forward to celebrating, performing the ritual, and spending some quality time with all the new books that arrived in the mail. Ignoring them for the sake of discipline and focusing only on school work has been trying.

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