2 April 2015

Blood and Tension

I love my spiritual court. Witchcraft and spiritualism have always been hand-holding twins in my practice, and so regardless of what I'm working and casting on any given day I am always spending time just sitting and conversing with my spirits. In the last year and a half my path has seen so much expansion—I've come into contact with so many new ideas, concepts, and kinds of magic and figuring out how I feel about each of them (and perhaps even how they might fit into the puzzle that is "me" in this life) has been both challenging and engaging. I am so honoured to walk with my court. They are such incredible friends, companions, and teachers. Their advice and wisdom in these matters have been so integral.

Yet not everyone is always in agreement, and while that is natural it can sometimes cause a lot of friction and uneasiness. In the last week and a half this has been becoming more and more evident; everyone seems to be on the same page except for some of my ancestors, for a number of complicated reasons.

I don't think I fully realized that this was a "problem" until it was strongly identified to me by a fellow witch in a tarot reading they did for me. Slow down, take a step back, go back to the roots of your abilities, and really sort out things with your ancestors—those were the kinds of messages that featured prominently. I'm glad I got this reading done, and I understand now what I have to do. Reconciliation, elevation, and really explicitly drawing out my lines with my fire. I'm an individual. I'm really quite young right now. And there is an infinity out there looming on the horizon.

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