5 April 2015


Some things have been happening recently that have required lots of validation. All very good, beautiful, uplifting things, but I'm fairly skeptical by nature and so I like to check/confirm even the most powerful of omens through divination. With everything working with the Marseille tarot has taught me, I decided to revisit the Thoth deck, and apply the same concepts to my all-time favourite.

It was wonderful. I genuinely feel like I've established a deeper connection with the tarot in general and especially my own ability to read and interpret. I've kept the Thoth's original packaging in pristine condition, but I moved the cards to a blessed cloth bag today to better protect them. The answers that I've received, both through my workings with the deck and through just communing with and asking the spirits directly have really shaken some foundations. We shall see how things will proceed, but I am feeling quite confident and hopeful. Excited too, but also cautious. Open.

I am writing vaguely because the situation is still tentative at the moment, and there's a lot I need to confirm and establish first, but all things will be made clear soon. At the moment I am going to be offering a lot of free readings to my friends—I want to practice these new techniques and spreads as much as possible.

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