23 April 2015


The last couple of days have been extraordinarily eventful. I spoke vaguely before about certain tides shifting and being cautious and curious, and those things came into fruition today with resounding affirmation.

I was initiated into the first degree of a tradition of witchcraft by witch whom I highly respect. We held a séance to double-check that the spirits on both sides were pleased with the arrangement, and then the ritual began. He wove my cord, mysteries were revealed, compasses were lain, dedications were made, oaths were taken, and a feast was held. I feel truly blessed, grounded, and immensely strong. For the next week I will let this new power settle and abstain from any formal witchcraft while continuing my prayers, meditations, and cleansings. We expect to meet weekly from now on to work and learn.

This is the first time I've been initiated into a red thread. I underwent an initiation by spirit through which the inherent witch in me was elevated and my blood was married to the stars and earth, but that was a far different experience than the one I had yesterday. Sometimes we become enclosed in our little bubbles—our spirits, our tools, our magic, our craft—and things that are comfortable but unnecessary slip by unnoticed. What I have learned so far has been all about challenging and peeling the unnecessary away, reaching into the purity within, and refining it.

And I am truly happy. I greatly look forward to what the future will hold in working with this tradition, the witch who initiated me, and the ways in which this power will manifest through me. I was originally quite hesitant, but it is clear to me that this was something that had probably been stewing for some time. I will give it my best.

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