13 April 2015

Seeing is Believing

I'm really enjoying working with a scrying ball. As a seer I've never really felt the need for a formal scrying medium—if I ever desperately needed one I could always use a bowl of water, a small polished gemstone, a homemade sigil, or something of the sort. Even though those cases were rare, when I did employ their use it was always for the purpose of giving me a meditative focus if my mind was otherwise extremely cluttered. I'm also highly receptive to visions in general, so I always had the impression that extra mediums were superfluous. My work with the Trithemius-derived system of summoning archangels in Seven Spheres (in which a medium needs to be placed within the table of practice) was the first time I consistently used a scrying stone for evocation. It was nice, and the stone did react physically, but naturally 90% of the "action" was happening within my inner sight.

The smoky quartz sphere I purchased really opened up a new world in this sense. Every time I've used it there have been extremely vivid, physical manifestations within its volume. On second thought, this has been true even in cases when I don't actively engage it. I've seen images of my spirits manifest in it just while passing by my altar. That property was also what drew me to the smaller orb out of all the larger, more conventional clear quartz ones in the store. It was alive and buzzing from the beginning regardless of what blessings I performed over it.

I've found that gazing at the ball is a great way just to quickly determine the immediate success of magic as well. When I was younger one of the things that my HGA instructed me to do was to affix a bell to a hook in my room and enchant it so that it would ring every time I successfully cast something. That way when I wrote my own spells I could check their potency by projecting some of their energy towards the bell. As I grew more confident that practice dwindled as I could just "taste" power when it was present, but it was still a fun thing to do every now and then. This ball likes to act like some kind of indicator or radar whenever spells are being woven regardless. Most often it will change colour for a few minutes depending on the nature of the magic and save the clear images for spirits and divination, but it's not shy when it comes to displaying outright signs. I did some lunar work today in Diana's honour and enchanted a new ring and naturally the ball became purple.

The lights also flickered nonstop in my room for a minute right after the goddess agreed to send her energy and bless the ring as if I was in some movie, so there was that too. Immediate, external signs of validation are the best.

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