23 May 2015

Elevation and Prayer

Yesterday under the guidance of my teacher I began a nine day elevation rite for my beloved ancestral spirits. The process involves a ceremony of intense prayer, love, and light that is performed at the same time every day over the course of nine days with the aim of elevating one's ancestral spirits—specifically the ones that are "not quite there yet" and need a little bit of help—into the bliss and joy of the higher realms. I have just finished up day two, so there's only a week left for the rite.

As a part of the daily work I create a cooling bath to cleanse myself with. The bath is also flicked on the white table and ancestral shrine in blessing. The base is clean water, Florida water, and some laundry bluing powder—on its own it tends to be enough but I like to add one or two extra substances chosen for their spiritual virtues to the mix that are really matters of personal preference as well. When the day's rite is over what's left of the bath is dumped off the property to ensure that anything negative that was cleansed off me and trapped in the water doesn't settle and cling to my home.

On a slightly (and only slightly) related note, my neighbourhood church held a massive garage sale today. I ended up getting a nice amount of goodies—a ceramic vase, a new offering plate, some wooden bowls and other knick-knacks—all for some spare change. One of the things I picked up was the glass bowl I used to make my cooling bath today (hence the slight relation). It's actually very large and heavy; I can submerge both my hands easily with the palms flat on the bottom. Garage sales can be such heavens for cute tools and shrine additions. There was a red, wooden bowl I found that reminded me of my Warrior the moment I saw it—I added it to his shrine as a place to hold offered food. His glass of water bloomed into a flurry of bubbles as a result; an excellent sign.

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