20 May 2015

Musings + A New Tool

I finished reading the masterpiece that is Ritual Offerings. Frater Ashen Chassan's piece on his experiences with his familiar was really sweet and was probably my favourite to read. This is largely because his descriptions, from the clear psychic communication he enjoys with the spirit to the numerous boons the spirit has provided for him (especially in regards to having a treasured friend who genuinely desires and works towards the benefit of his family) completely resonate with my own experiences with my court. Also, he kept referencing Emma Wilby's Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits, which is one of my favourite all-time books. If you haven't read it, please do!

The essays that dealt with guidelines for feedings spirits were highly sobering in their practicability and conciseness. Those who covered more culture-specific topics were just as interesting and thought-provoking. The final piece by Gilberto Strapazon took a completely different tone than the rest of the book, detailing all the ways spirit work can go wrong when legends and techniques are taken out of context, divorced from cultural circumstances, and miscommunicated (or outright lied about). Needless to say I love this anthology—I found myself going "huh, wow, I never knew that" constantly about a topic I thought I was rather well versed in. I've heard that there are plans to publish a paperback version once the hardcover sells out, which would be fantastic. This is something that would really benefit anyone who works with spirits in any degree, in my opinion.

Frankly I'm still processing a lot of what I've learned from the book and going over it with some spirits and fellow sorcerers. We're playing around with the ideas, clarifying things, and talking about the tangible results and proofs of different techniques that we've encountered. I'll write about it in more detail some other time.

As for right now, I recently acquired a medium-size brass cauldron that I enchanted today using Paul Huson's method from Mastering Witchcraft as a sort of censer. I filled it up with rice so that it's easy to put sticks of incense. I also enchanted my regular, flat wooden one in the same manner. This brass cauldron will be sitting permanently on the working altar, while the wooden burner will be used for any ritual not taking place near it, like for example archangel evocations using Seven Spheres.

And there it is, temporarily resting on Ritual Offerings. I didn't take a picture of the back, but I wrote my magical name (Sfinga) in Theban there.

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