5 May 2015

Great Reads

I'm really going to want to eventually get a copy of this book for myself. Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways instantly became one of my favourite books on witchcraft with the first reading, and with the second it only moved higher up the list. I experimented with hallowing a compass using the Hearthside Rite and the Compass Rite as detailed in the book and I love the way it feels. I've tweaked the rites slightly by substituting some of my own chants in a few places, but other than that I've kept the general format the same for now. I definitely feel that my technique has benefited from playing around with this material.

Speaking of books, Nephilim Press' Ritual Offerings anthology is out and I happily snagged a copy. This was one I was keeping an eye out for while and I'm so glad to see it become available.


  1. This book keeps on coming up in my social media circles -- now that I see you like it I definitely need to get a copy! :)

    1. Hehe, for sure! It's incredible how much information (recipes, spells, folklore) is packed into those 200-something pages.