6 May 2015

Updating Inventory

I exchanged the pouch that was tied to the middle of my cord for a handmade, more durable drawstring bag. Filled with gifts from spirits and objects of personal power, this witch's power bag is now completely ready for all sorts of rites and workings. Frankly I have a hard time separating from my cord in the sense that it feels like natural extension of my energetic self. Plus it is so genuinely comfortable to wear around the hips during ritual. Having all those valuable, secret talismans right there is both convenient and empowering. 

I had practically run out of the smaller, coloured candles I normally use for spells and spiritual baths and so I paid a visit to a botanica to stock up. My working altar's "master candle" whose wick I always light first, in addition to all the offering candles that reside on the different shrines are all of the jumbo seven-day-candle-in-a-glass-jar variety. I like using these for shrines as they last forever and can be easily refilled such that the jar itself ends up accumulating the residual energies, becoming something of a point of convergence for the spirit and the material. Additionally the jars are just easy to draw on with permanent marker. As for everyday spells that require candles of different colours, I just use the regular tapered kind as they can be carved and dressed. I generally keep a good reserve of plain white tealights for emergencies, though sometimes I like to pop four in identical tiny glasses and lay them out at the quarters of a ritual area. My familiar spirit in particular finds the scent of beeswax to be quite pleasing, so every now and then I shell out a few extra coins to get him some natural beeswax candles for his shrine as a gift.

I like to buy at botanicas and occult-related stores as much as I can when it comes to supplies just to support the local shops, but when it comes to living as a city witch sometimes there's no place quite like an arts and crafts or discount store. Sandpaper for wood, little containers for herbs, sticky labels to put on those little containers so you don't mix up your herbs (I swore that was spearmint but it wasn't :/), yarn, felt, long matches, wire... it just goes on and on. A while back I bought a set of identical champagne glasses, one for each shrine, that now hold the twice-a-week water offerings from a dollar store. Honestly it's surprising what little knick-knacks you can find in these sorts of places. I feel like every sorcerer would be well-rewarded for spending half an hour wandering down the aisles of one.

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