20 June 2015

Fire and Mystery

Today was such an eventful and incredible day. Ziia and I attended an occult conference of sorts at our university where five speakers of varying esoteric backgrounds presented lectures on the nature of divinity and magic's relevance in the modern day. It was definitely a good event with some thought-provoking discussion, but by far the crown jewel for both Ziia and I was meeting one lecturer in particular, who was a lineaged South American witch. He gave probably one of the most fascinating talks I've ever heard, and once it was over he was kind enough to converse with the two of us, immediately identifying us as witches. We spoke for what seemed like an eternity on the nature of familiar spirits and demons, and just as we were about to leave when it was over, he caught us on the way out and delivered a message/mystery from his own familiar that the spirit was pushing him to tell us. It sounds a little cliché but the advice imparted onto us at that moment, which we promised to honour and keep secret, was genuinely profound and enlightening. It was one of those there's-no-such-thing-as-coincidence moments where spirit moves through people in a way in which the exact thing you need revealed to you at the exact time is done so. Personally I'm still reeling a little from the revelation—I can feel it ringing true in every part of me. I can say with confidence that I know exactly what I need to address in my craft right now, and I am burning with drive and cunning.

Afterwards the two of us popped in at Wonderworks, a cute metaphysical store near campus, as it was hosting a public summer solstice ritual. I haven't really participated in too many public rituals—I'm used to sort of keeping to myself, my books, and our little coven—but I'm glad we stopped by to welcome the solstice with others in a light atmosphere of meditation and spellwork. It was an enjoyable way to evoke fire and really breathe and internalize what we just experienced prior. Below are two quick snapshots of the main space our circle was convening around in the store's gallery.

There's still a fair bit to meditate on for me, but I am absolutely brimming with purpose and zest—certainly an excellent state to be in for the summer solstice.

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