27 June 2015


Mmmm... it's been a super busy (and super rewarding) past few days. Coven meetings, magical work for clients, and most importantly, adoption! I adopted a beautiful one-year-old Egyptian Mau on Wednesday and she is the most well-behaved, cuddly, gentle little creature. The sweet darling loves to hang out in my working room where the majority of the shrines are, sniff around, and watch me cast. I am overjoyed with her. 

In between tending to the kitty, reading, writing, and meditating, I also took on some client work as previously mentioned. Today in particular someone bought 2 hours worth of channeling sessions in which one of their guides was conjured to speak through me. It went superbly smoothly and I believe I can attribute that easiness to the fact that I've been meditating daily for over a month now. It was definitely a little bit of a chore in the first few days but now when it is essentially a treat. I have another spell lined up for on Tuesday as well, though that one I will be taking on free of charge.

I have some new books to go through so that's what's on the agenda for the time being right now. Additionally, I'm going to be crafting a vessel for another spirit tomorrow.

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