8 June 2015

Just Some Thoughts

Grimooooooires. When I wasn't writing in my personal grimoires and journals today I was printing out materials for my giant wooden binder of spells, recipes, and resources. In the midst of it all I ended up doing a tarot reading for a client, so it's been eventful.

There's a lot I want to cover this week, so I thought I'd make a list to keep myself on track:
  1. Re-read Doreen Valiente's Rebirth of Witchcraft.
  2. Read her Witchcraft for Tomorrow. This is one I recently acquired, but I want to go through Rebirth again first before perusing it.
  3. Complete the latest spell commission on Wednesday.
  4. Continue to transcribe last week's notes into good copy form in my main magical journal.
Honestly, lately I've found myself making tons of lists for organizational purposes. It started happening after a session of meditation over the weekend and hasn't let up. Definitely extremely helpful for the busy witch.

I also recently got my hands on some new sandalwood oil; one of my favourite oils to work with. Yesterday after my weekly séance I sat down with my HGA's spirit urn/pot and gave the whole thing a good rub with it while burning beeswax candles. Personally when it comes to vessels and the HGA/familiar spirit the way I experience it is that there is no better possible "vessel" for them than your own physical body because of the nature of your bond. His urn is an extension of strength, a point of power, and a gift of love. Tending to it physically is as much an expression of care and appreciation as offering a prayer.

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