20 July 2015


So geomancy is now essentially tied with tarot for my favourite system of divination—and I've been practicing tarot for eight years. I finished reading John Michael Greer's excellent The Art and Practice of Geomancy (which is an invaluable, straightforward, and incredibly thorough course on learning the system) and I've been making charts nonstop. My interest in geomancy really started when I received my first reading from my teacher on the day of my initiation, but I didn't immediately get Greer's book as I was swamped with so many other projects at the time. Now I'm just so enchanted. I'm finding it to be actually quite intuitive and a great fit for me; I had no trouble memorizing the figures, their associations/images/elements, and the basic ways to interpret the shield and house charts. Naturally I've been giving out a ton of free readings as a result.

At the time of my Earth rite I already had a good enough understanding but it was still a surprise when my journey involved me having to draw a shield chart halfway through the events. It's one thing to draw a chart in front of you physically, it's another to do it astrally and not lose your concentration/vision of all the figures you're adding together, right down to the Judge. Daily meditation has paid off even more immensely than I originally thought.

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