4 July 2015

Reading Grimoires

We're continuing to conquer that book pile. Today I went through Michael Cecchetelli's Crossed Keys, which was, just like The Book of Abrasax, unfathomably good. The two translated grimoires are amazing and I absolutely loved that the author included some of his journal entries that accompanied his workings with Le VĂ©ritable Dragon Noir. It really does live up to its name, giving you the keys to heaven and hell in terms of its magical repertoire. What the spirit Frimost had to say in the journals was supremely fascinating—how threatening demons using the names of Christian forces does nothing as they don't recognize their power/bow their heads to them. It's interesting as some Christian magicians I've spoken to online conceive of demons literally as being extremely low forms of spirits who must obey everything higher on the Christian hierarchy, while the demonolaters I've conversed with echo the exact opposite: that demons are a highly intelligent race unto themselves that have nothing to do with Christianity, and being approached as if merely saying "In the name of Jesus" will make them cower to do your bidding is highly annoying to them.

The author's conclusions about having mutually beneficial relationships with the beings of the grimoire as opposed to bantering and threatening them is definitely fair. I've copied down some of the less-demanding spells from both grimoires for my personal reference. The book will have to stay put on my shelves for now until living accommodations are such that fasting and not having to speak to anyone for a few days during the pre-conjuration retreat are feasible.

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