13 July 2015


We learned a lot about blood, movement, sediment, and transformation today. Whether as archangel of the Moon or Water, Gabriel is a maverick when it comes to dispelling illusions and bringing forth clarity. I'm used to sitting on shores, swimming in pools, throwing nature-friendly spell remnants in rivers, and scrying in water. In the vision of this ritual, I drowned and found a special part of myself in the abyss, deep in those unexplored places where no light and no research machine can reach.

I finished the rite as usual, but one of my skins is still there in that deep and calming ocean. There are strange and gangly spirits in the corners of my eyes, but they are not here in this room—but then again, neither is all of me. Each one of these Earth rituals has involved a post-rite journeying session, and this one is definitely going to be the same way. It'll be interesting to experience entering soul flight by sinking as opposed to "flying" tonight.

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