22 August 2015

Devilish Rites and Delights

Gemma Gary's The Devil's Dozen came in the mail yesterday and I'm so in love. It's a collection of thirteen raw and beautiful rituals that can be adopted for solitary or coven work, covering a whole range of uses. I got shivers reading so many of them—Gary's writings have influenced my witchcraft specifically more than any other author at this time and devouring her books is such a pleasure. The Devil's Dozen is the first of her books that I actually own; the others I wrote about here I borrowed from my teacher to read. I plan on buying them in the coming months as well so I can have them for more regular reference.

The book is small with a gorgeous image of the Master on the hardcover. It's essentially a pure working grimoire; all the content is practical and so it can be carried as an additional grimoire outside to rites. I know I'm going to make use of everything, though I doubt I'll write any field reports publicly for the most of them. One thing I most likely will talk about here is that of the witch's nowl; it's a venture I plan on undertaking quite soon, though how soon will be a question of circumstance.

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