20 August 2015


So, shortly after the events of last weekend I ended up experiencing a very intense dream vision. As cliché as it sounds it was really unlike anything I experienced before—the entire tone and energetic "vibration" felt completely different from previous dreams of a similar nature involving deities, archangels, and my own familiars. I became lucid as soon as it began, and managed to hold my concentration and not wake. All the circumstances of the narrative I was living out in that dream faded away into pillows of smoke, shadow, incense, and then finally the sounds of prayer and the shimmer of light.

A bearded man wearing white clothes with a purple robe approached me. He was holding a kind of crook in one hand and a human skull in the other—something that surprised me as from a first glance he struck me as some kind of Christian priest because of his attire and the cross that hung from his neck. He dropped the skull to the floor and the moment it landed its eye-sockets began to glow. Somehow that stirred the ground itself to groan with human voices, and soon the place we were in teemed with ghosts. He extended his newly-free hand to me, and I honestly felt like I just gawked at him for an eternity. I remember trying to just take everything in all at once for some time before finally staring at his hand, tasting its energy, and then extending my own and taking it.

Mythology-wise I genuinely couldn't tell who this individual was. He had the air of sorcery and academia, and I felt oddly comfortable in his presence—comfortable and yet ambitious. After grasping his hand he took his crook and placed it on my forehead, and all of a sudden I felt like I was dreaming a dozen different dreams at once. The visions that followed I wrote down as soon as I woke. Once he withdrew his crook he finally spoke to me, and I was able to (shyly) discuss what it was that he showed me.

I wasn't aware of it at the time, but he was testing me and judging the content of my answers. Once he gave me a pass (if I wasn't feeling the teacher-academic vibe before I definitely was then) he informed me that he liked me and that I was free to call on him and begin working with him as I pleased. I also finally had the chance to ask a question of my own, and so of course the first thing I requested was his identity. I heard "Cyprian", and then I woke up.

Admittedly I almost couldn't believe it didn't click while I was dreaming—Saint Cyprian of Antioch is a figure I've come across before while reading the blogs of other sorcerers, and the name alone I've heard in a few books and references. However my knowledge of him, both of what he's traditionally depicted as looking like and his associations and story were all extremely limited. All I knew was that the name belonged to a sorcerer-saint and that was it. In the past few days I've been doing nonstop research (I might have spooked myself a little when I saw a picture of him for the first time because of how exactly alike he looked in my dream) and that, coupled with a few divination readings and discussions with my spirits pretty much cleared any caution-related concerns I had. I'm going to begin working with the Saint.

In the next few weeks I will be compiling materials for a permanent shrine as well as doing more research. This all feels very surreal (in a good way!) to me, especially because of how everything I saw in the dream lined up with what I'm learning. I've never worked with a Christian saint before, but of course I'm super excited to begin. The more I learn about Saint Cyprian the more I adore him!

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