16 August 2015


There's a lot of faery-related folklore that revolves around the dangers of being lured into forests by the hidden company. Children seem to be especially at risk for kidnapping. I'm not a child, and it's usually my own spirits that nudge me to go hiking in the quiet and beaten paths to inevitably discover something they had detected. This past Friday on the new moon it was the faeries that called.

It's kind of funny, considering that within my collection of spells there are a few recipes for creating charms and salves to ward off faeries and to gain protection from them. The sorts of things you'd wear in addition to your bug spray when going out into the forest to seek out those luminary spaces where sorcery is afoot. Personally I've never had the need—certainly I've met some unpleasant, ghoulish pranksters but I'm on very good terms with the local land spirits and faeries (I also make regular offerings of honey and milk) so I haven't had any problems since I've moved here. Similarly the local guardians tend to keep trouble out very well, and any trickster with ill intentions would have to go through my protective barriers (and not to mention my entire court of spirits, all of whom can see through disguises infinitely better than I can) before trying anything. Basically I didn't feel any cause for worry when the call came. My spirits fielded it and gave the okay, and I went out with them. We hiked through the dark and winding paths, following the soft voices, and the deeper I went the further my Sight opened, as if I was walking through endless cobwebs that were becoming layered over my face in the form of a veil of trance.

I found something in the deep of the shrub, which consequently led me to find something deep inside myself. I sat on the hill to meditate and flew. Something precious that I lost a little over five years ago was finally returned, and I don't think I've ever felt a freedom like this. I had it before, but I had forgotten what it was like until I regained it. The laughter and the smiling that came was as light as the breeze that brought me back into my skin. There is so much love and warmth; I do not even know how to begin to describe this joy. It's back, and it's back forever. Everything makes sense and everything is right. I have been resting this weekend and I haven't stopped smiling.

Tonight I'm going to play violin for the Faerie Queen.

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