29 August 2015

Hail Cyprian

Over the past week and a half I've been compiling as many notes, resources, prayers, techniques, and so on about St. Cyprian of Antioch as I could get my hands on. I began with Jason Miller's posts, branched off to other blogs and masterposts, absorbed myself in ConjureMan Ali's short Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers as found in Hadean Press' The Saints anthology, and further read Polyphanes' two e-books on Cyprian as well as virtually all of his blog posts. I prayed over the space I decided to dedicate to him and cleaned it with water, Florida water, and a pinch of salt, later fuming it with frankincense. I placed a purple cloth over the surface and arranged a statue, a purple glass-encased candle, a glass of water, a small cast-iron cauldron filled with graveyard dirt with charcoal discs nearby, a copy of the Bible, and a black-handled dagger. I followed ConjureMan Ali's instructions for the most part, adding in a long series of prayers I had researched and copied down, chanting while the incense continued to burn and cloak the area. The holy saint made his presence known, and I prayed to him, prayed with him, communed, offered, exchanged, and accepted his patronage. As of today, the full moon, I am excited, astounded, honoured, bewildered, and humbled to say that I've officially begun to accept and work with the great sorcerer-saint. There are so many Our Fathers on my tongue, and such magic in my hands. When I first opened my eyes and looked upon his figure in the darkness I genuinely shivered—it's an exact splitting image of how he looked when he first introduced himself to me in my dream.

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  1. Bravo,St Cyprian is a wonderful saint.