3 August 2015

Progress, Progress

I've been going through Jacob Slavenburg's The Hermetic Link on my Kindle and it is really amazing so far. Super thorough and detailed; I'm not even halfway through and I'm completely hooked. Some interesting opportunities have also been popping up recently as well, and as a result I've been in a sort of "I feel really blessed but at the same time I should be cautious, check things out with divination, do my homework, and trust in my spirits before getting too hyped" mood. Daily meditation has also gradually been moving out of the pattern of sitting down at a designated time and into meditating on the go: subways, walks, pauses between writing and so on. I suppose the more I get accustomed to doing it regularly the more I end up naturally identifying good opportunities to enter that mindfulness state.

Something I've been working on magically recently is exercising my "breath" more, as per Raphael's advice. By breath I mean literally speaking—I'm used to all sorts of different breathing exercises for channeling power and focusing (I'm a big fan of hissing too), but when it comes to everyday magic and spirit communication I have a habit of keeping my chants and words all mental. Rituals, conjurations, and "bigger" things are always fully verbal, but I like to exercise the "power of silence" a little more often than perhaps necessary. I've made a lot of progress over the past six months using more song in my work, and nowadays things that I'd usually just visualize or say in my mind and project I now fully speak out loud. It's not so much that I think keeping things silent and using only the mind is a negative thing—it has its wonderful uses for sure—just that there's a big difference magically between thinking and speaking. Hermetically, things were ideas in the mind of God before God spoke the Word. Magicians speak words and their will is brought to life. Understanding when speaking is a better choice than "thinking" and vice versa is something that I hope to foster more with practice and meditation.

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