19 August 2015


Everything is so different and calm. Even the most mundane parts of moving from day to day have changed so much as a result of that new moon. It's not that I don't have the words to express exactly how, why, and in which measures—on the contrary I've found that writing about this experience which accompanies me now to be rather simple. It's simply that going into any detail beyond what I have already mentioned feels wrong. I seem to be especially sensitive when it comes to this Mystery. It's a kind of child that needs to be taken care of and nurtured right now; it will be able to speak for itself as it matures and ages. I've poured my heart out into my personal sorcery journals enough, and as this blog is a public platform it isn't really place to discuss what exactly happened in any more detail than what has already been said. But to not mention anything would be a great disservice to myself as it would go against the integrity of why I decided to start blogging in the first place.

Essentially, what I wish to write down here for myself as a sort of bookmark is that I underwent a strange new kind of initiation on the last new moon that resulted in the full restoration of something that I used to have half a decade ago but had since lost. As a result my perspective on a number of things, chiefly myself, has changed radically. That's enough for now.

Since I've elected not to endlessly opine about this vaguely I'm going to get right back into regular blogging. I'll post tomorrow about something new that emerged out of all of this in a big way and draft some plans. 

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