26 November 2015


Diana is as bright and mysterious as ever in the sky tonight—hail to the Lady Moon.

Lately I've been feeling oddly motherly. Slowly, lovingly, and compassionately tending to a strange set of children: accomplishments, goals, charts and plans on how to attain those goals (both thorough and ephemeral), and a whole array of different "selves". The more I meditate the more clear and unclear these "selves" become—every "aha!" moment of brilliance and insight quickly gives way to the realization that there is so much more beyond that, and that we're only beginning to peel away the first few layers.

Aside from daily prayers, offerings, meditations, and witchcraft-related practices, I've been mostly busy with studying for exams and writing my final papers. I had the chance to attend two other occult-related events in the city recently too, and my schedule combined with the "training regimen" my HGA has me on has left me very pleasantly occupied. It's a little weird, but I honestly feel so at ease, like stress isn't even a state that exists. Magic doesn't ensure I never have problems; it gives me a set of powerful and foundational tools to deal with them as they come, whether gently or more forcefully. Or with gentle force. I'm very much absorbed in the softness, kindness, and gentleness of it all right now, and the work I've been doing with my court has really reflected that.

I'm still reading at my usual pace, both fiction and nonfiction (occult-related and not). The last book I just finished was David Shoemaker's Living Thelema, and right now I'm going through one on Giordano Bruno that I took out from one of my campus' many libraries. There's a lot I want to write and muse about here in the coming few weeks, both related to ideas that have come up in books and everything else that's happening on my path right now. But right now it's time to honour the moon at her fullest.

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