8 December 2015

Exam Season

I just handed in my final paper of the term and got over a nagging cold at the same time (hurrah!). I'm fortunate(?) enough that my exams are scheduled really early this semester, so I'll be completely done by next Monday. This is working out perfectly for me right now as I'm working with a number of sorcery-related pursuits at this time (chief among them being Jason Miller's new Hekate course which was only open to members of his regular Strategic Sorcery class; I won't be blogging about it but it is genuinely incredible and I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be a part of it!) alongside my own fiction writing projects, so I'll be free to dedicate my time fully to those areas just as they begin to amp up.

Thank goodness my HGA, in addition to completely flipping my conceptions of politics, gender, economics, magic, religion, existence itself, and all that other fun stuff; slapping me awake from all the things I was comfortable and intuitively familiar with; and (to borrow a Thelemite friend's phrasing) "shouting" my True Will at me; taught me some serious time management skills. I always need them the most around this time in the semester.

My basic goals for this December, aside from working with my witchcraft, learning from the spirits of my tradition, and participating in the courses I'm in, are definitely to continue learning Lenormand and to fully set up my shrines and altars within my new space. To make a very long story very short, the house I live in has undergone a major renovation and the building of an addition, essentially doubling it in size. I am going to be relocating the office/study/room I affectionately refer to as being my humble temple in which I work nearly all of my indoor sorcery to a much larger, newly-constructed room. New shelves for the shrines, new cabinets for witchy supplies, a new crafting table/working altar (no more window ledge), and a whole lot more space in general. I think my favourite thing about the new area is that it has its own fireplace. The space above it is going to be where my shrine to Hekate will go.

If everything goes smoothly I should be fully settled in by Christmas. I'm going to be making out my former ritual area into something of a recreation room. We'll see.

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