19 January 2016

Hermetic Tablet

I just finished reading the two volumes of the Hermetic Tablet, a journal edited by Nick Farrell. I nabbed both the summer and winter solstice copies through Lulu's recent holiday sale, with the list of authors published as well as the tables of contents being enough to persuade me to get them. Despite unfortunately falling for the Lulu curse of hit-and-miss formatting and editing (some of the articles had peculiarly consistent typos) the materials within both were completely solid. I really liked Nick Farrell's article in the summer edition concerning the three Fates; it was lucidly argued and came perfectly timed for me as it is precisely the Fates with which I am working with right now in one of the courses I'm in. Jake Stratton-Kent's writings in both volumes were a pleasure to read as to be expected; I've only encountered his articles in their shorter forms such as pieces in anthologies and his Goetic Liturgy and those tastes of his writing plus his enormous reputation have made putting off buying his Encyclopedia Goetica book series near impossible. At long last it has finally happened: I literally just received his The True Grimoire and Geosophia and will excitedly devour them as soon as I finish off two more books that have been waiting patiently on my desk.

Aaron Leitch's piece on the HGA in the winter volume was also a wonderful survey of Abramelin in its broader context. Especially interesting was the link he draws between the HGA and the narrative of shamanic spirit spouses who marry their shamans, teach them the secrets no other human initiator can, and assign them earthly familiars. Gnosticism, Plato, and Hermeticism of course came up as well, as did the Angel's peculiar non-"natural" alignment in that it seemingly falls under no planetary or cosmic power, "presumably answering to God alone" as Leitch puts it. Further "He is, in fact, a direct manifestation of the Divine Spark within each of us, the Shekinah (presence of God)." The article definitely mirrors some of the observations made in a similar essay he published in Nephilim Press' Holy Guardian Angel anthology while still remaining distinct; it's overall a great article for its short length.

I'm glad I picked up these books. It was also really interesting to see a professor from my university published in both of the volumes! Seeing Dr. Toneatto's name in there was quite the pleasant surprise.

And speaking of the local, a friend informed me today that Chic and Tabitha Cicero will be visiting Toronto in July for a series of presentations. How exciting is that? You can bet I'll be there.

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