9 January 2016

Io Apoxias

It. Is. Done!

After a month of gathering everything, on today's new moon I completed the ritual and evoked Hekate's spirit Apoxias to dwell within the home I created for him, and to protect myself and my loved ones. This is a ritual I've wanted to do ever since I read Protection & Reversal Magick in 2014, around the time I started this blog, and it feels wonderful to have completed it now. It was honestly such a great project; it certainly felt like I carried that green bottle everywhere, from the nine locations to get dirt to the stores in which I found the necessary herbal materia and curios. I kept commenting to Ziia throughout the whole thing about how I felt that I was developing a relationship with the spirit even before I had met him today through the gathering of the ingredients and the construction of the home. Like with most vessels I make I spoke to the bottle and treated it as a living point of power between my own world and that of the spirit's throughout the preparation process. It certainly took me to places I would have rarely gone by on my own given where I live and spend my time. My favourite moment was sitting on the beach and watching the sunset with the vessel in hand.

I performed the conjuration after I completed my new moon's work for the interrelated Sorcery of Hekate course and arcana/initiation I'm involved with. After Apoxias' manifestation, the chanting of the mantra, and some conversation, I placed his seal in the glass jar and burned the black candle on top. The candle actually melted down in a really curious way; the wax looks an awful lot like a flower and stem to me. Here's a view of it from the top:

With her permission I've set him down on Hekate's shrine. I'm greatly looking forward to working with this fearsome protector.

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  1. Wisdom of the ancients made easy,you are great.