2 June 2016

New Practices for June

Starting on June 4th, I'm going to be participating in another 30-day challenge with the Strategic Sorcery Facebook community. Where the last one involved doing a different kind magical exercise every day for the month, this one concerns doing the same spell in repetition. There's a lot of really neat ideas floating around over in the group over how to make the most of this challenge, from creating and empowering servitors to building a spirit bottle for the city you live in to make its egregore more favourably inclined towards you. For my purposes I'm going to be hopping on the Headless One bandwagon and inputting it into my daily magical practice. The last time I worked with a variation of the rite I used Crowley's Liber Samekh for a little under a year. I'll be employing the version in The Chaos Protocols now instead. I suspect I'll end up continuing with it as a part of my regimen even after the month is over—Headless One is an all-time favourite and reading Gordon White's Star.Ships has certainly made me love it even more. Its versatility and power stretches far beyond HGA work, though no doubt it is immensely helpful in not only seeking them out but also empowering the existing connection after meeting them.

Similarly, an excellent schedule for honouring the goddess Juno through a series of rites and novenas to her nine names over the course of the month was compiled by another member in the community. Though it certainly counts for the challenge, there's really no reason not to do both. So for at least the time being, my daily regimen now includes these two additional rites.

I actually ended up creating a financial sweetening honey jar spell today in the Jupiter hour, coinciding with the Juno devotion. In the schedule the first petition occurs around next week, but this wasn't really a petition to her; it's a spell I had been planning on doing with my spirits that she encouraged I not waste time with and complete before the offering portion of her practice. In this way the whole assembled jar could soak in her presence, as well as those of the retinue of daemons who accompany her, as the candle burned down, giving it an extra blessing on her behalf.

In additional to her offerings of food and drink, I gave her a blue origami peacock in thanks as a token of my appreciation for her good will and wisdom. Salve Juno Regina!


  1. What is the relationship between Juno & Hera? Are they the same goddess but with different names & characters?

    1. While they do share numerous characteristics, Juno is a separate goddess whose relationship with Jupiter (and Minerva) is very different from that of Zeus and Hera. Roman gods definitely took on a lot of the characteristics Greek gods of similar patronage had after Rome conquered Greece, though they originally had different origins.