9 July 2016

Scapular of St. Cyprian

This Thursday I finished making a homemade St. Cyprian of Antioch devotional scapular, and today during my morning offering and rosary routine with him I consecrated and enchanted it. The creation of a Catholic scapular for the saint, to be worn as both a religious habit and a vessel of his protection and power, is an assignment in the Red Work course I enrolled in last month. In addition to conferring his blessing, it reaffirms the wearer's aspirations to be like the saint in their daily lives.

Like regular scapulars these are small and easy to wear under clothing discreetly like a necklace. 

1 comment:

  1. The good Saint will be really pleased.This is so so Catholic.l used to wear the scapular of our lady of Mt Camel when l was quite young.This is my first time of seeing a scapular dedicated to St Cyprian of Antioch.its awesome.