26 October 2016

Air II

This was the most subtle of the elemental initiations thus far. Raphael commented that it has to do with my natural affinity for the element, especially in terms of personality, learning style, creative talents, and so on. I was initially wondering if I would get a little overloaded, so to speak; in the teachings I'm going through there is a note of caution that one might become too easily distracted or scatter-brained. Yet Raphael quite adamantly insisted that the forces would actually be more easily integrated into my sphere because of the existing harmony in the alignment, and that I should only expect such troubles if it had particular blocks to work through.

So far that seems to have been the right assessment. There's a lot of daydreaming, yes, but equally a lot of intellectually-driven work. Communication is more effective with minimal misunderstandings, as is conflict resolution. I said that my memory seemed to be better after the Earth initiation. With Air, the emphasis has been on the actual process of memorization. I'm committing things to memory with greater clarity, speed, and recollection.

But in general, it doesn't feel like there's been a very localized, obvious change as there was with Earth and Water, it's more as if I'm operating at a higher percentage more often than not—kind of like an added boost to the general flow of things. This is the primary reason why noticing the "negative" side-effects has been easier and more immediate; they simply stand out more. I've been much less patient with things like delays and any kind of slowness. I'm rarely the kind of person that gets irritated on a whim, but for the past week it hasn't been difficult to earn the equivalent of an eye-roll from me. I'm not exactly short-tempered (though I'm sure I can expect that with Fire), I'm just more judgmental. If the other two are any indication, this will probably recede as the weeks go by.

After Fire I'm going to go through working with the "Four Princes of spirits, upon the four angles of the world", to quote Agrippa, in the same order. The most I've ever really done with them before was the offering practice at the end of the Headless One rite in The Chaos Protocols. I'm quite excited to see how that will proceed.

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