31 January 2017

Princes and Journeying

Oriens explicitly forbid any sharing of the teachings and nature of the visions that took place during his summoning three weeks ago. Horizon-broadening and world-enchanting as they were for me, he insisted that while it's not the case that the teachings are composed of "divine and mysterious secrets" that must be hidden from the "profane" or whatever, attempting to communicate them would undoubtedly colour the expectations of those who have yet to encounter/undergo them. I was immediately reminded by what occurred in the cycle of Jason Miller's Sorcery of Hekate that I took part in. As the deity contact and ritual procedures became deeper and more complicated, most of the group ceased divulging experiences entirely for the same reason; some things just need to be experienced first hand without anyone giving their take and interpretation and planting preconceptions in others.

Instead, I wanted to give a few small developments relating to the Red Work course:
  1. Ever since I worked with Egyn a two inch, brown scar I've had on my torso since I was around fourteen disappeared. This absolutely flabbergasted me. I used to apply all sorts of creams to it before eventually just giving up a few years ago and resigning myself to living with it. I don't recall watching it fade slowly or anything like that and I definitely see it every day when I'm showering. I just woke up and noticed it was gone. The skin is completely smooth as if it was never even there. It sincerely feels surreal.
  2. I've begun a regular practice of praying for and offering to the "lost", "lonely", or "forgotten" dead. This was born out of a teaching from St. Cyprian involving burial rites and necromancy pertaining to the ancestral & local dead. My offering practice already involves deities, my spiritual court, ancestors, land spirits, and those potentially offended to whom I owe toll. This is a new component, and I've been specifically directing prayers to Cyprian to guide, ennoble, and bring these spirits to peace.
  3. I have been running into some honestly consistent luck in the past month and a half. That kind where things just go right, you're never late, you always find what you're looking for in stores you've never been to, shop owners say things like "you're lucky, this is the last one in stock!" and so on. I keep finding expensive books I want to read available for cheap/at significant discounts. I've met really interesting and wonderful people from the unlikeliest places and established great friendships with them. The results of practical enchantment have manifested very swiftly and with alacrity as well.
  4. I tend to dispose of most biodegradable offerings either at the base of a tree and shrub on the Southern most part of my property or at a crossroads. Lately, however... they've been coming back! I keep finding chewed-up bits of food offerings carefully placed on my front porch, which is a fair bit of distance from the tree to carry if you're (I'm presuming) a raccoon or a squirrel. Normally they're gobbled up within a few hours of being put out. Divination has interpreted the omen to be a really positive one of content, sharing, and plenty by the local spirits. 
  5. I've been reading Plotinus' Enneads. Context, context, context!  
There are a number of books I want to give mention to soon as well. Personal projects and teachings with the spirits of my traditions aside, there's truly a lot on the horizon in terms of growing relationships with spirits and further learning in different courses. I even signed up for the Rune Soup premium membership which is already such a blast (and of course it is, it's Gordon!).

Next up is the Amaymon ritual this Sunday.

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