11 March 2017

Conjuring the Genius

This past Thursday, as a part of my White Work training, I conjured for the first time my Natal Genius or Nativity Angel, as described in Chapter 26 of the third book of Agrippa's Occult Philosophy. Rufus Opus has a blog post about this and I used the same spreadsheet he developed to calculate the name of mine. Thankfully, I know the exact minute I was born, so using the spreadsheet was a breeze. After fiddling around and converting the Hebrew to Celestial Script (I just really like the way it looks), I placed my Genius' name on one of Polyphanes' blank lamen templates and strung some chord through the hole.

I timed the ritual so that I would do the evocation precisely in the minute of my birth. I'm certain it would have worked otherwise, but since I was planning on doing it on a Thursday anyway, which is the day of the week I was born on, I figured it would be neat to narrow the time even more. I used the usual DSIC setup and conjured away. The place on my body where my fetch lives flared up the moment I vibrated the Genius' name, and I heard its voice immediately after.

The Genius manifested in a form that was immensely familiar to me, even though I had never seen its particular configuration before. Interestingly, it came across to me as androgynous, with a youthful voice that teetered slightly towards feminine, in stark contrast with my HGA whose voice almost always presents as deep, rumbling, masculine, and elder. I spent the majority of the operation asking questions and jotting down responses. The spirit was immensely tender and loving, and the more time we spent in dialogue the more I felt myself reciprocate the intensity of its affection, naturally and openly. It provided me with additional names, a seal to include on its lamen, insight and counsel on various aspects of my practice, and various predictions for the future concerning my life in general.

One of the topics of our conversation was the name derived from my natal chart itself. I asked my Genius if it could elaborate on the nature on the name and (UPG alert) it characterized the letters as a kind of "password of [my] birth—and of [the Genius] who is there when there is a birth of [me]". It described itself as the "guardian of [my] soul's reincarnation", my "divine midwife across the aeons". It stressed the sacredness of the first breath, which it described as a kind of capstone on the incarnation process, generating the "key" or "password" to the secured and stabilized divine embodied presence. The generated name is then like an interface for the job the Genius performs with each birth. It specifically said that while it is the same Genius that provides its services to the reincarnating soul, it is as "mutable as [my] many bodies" and shifts just like the time of the first breath within drastically different flesh does, flowing to actualize different instantiations of the soul's Will, nature, and purpose. It reminded me of just how different I am now from when I was a child, let alone between incarnations, and spoke of its own mutability in similar terms, while emphasizing that it is only a metaphor. If we work within a model which includes reincarnation, as the majority of all spirits I have spoken to do, then naturally my given name and physical form themselves change every time. Just like how my name and body aren't the "realest" things about me as a soul, they are still very "real" in the sense that they are the chief vehicles and expressions I use to navigate my entire embodied existence. And since my Genius "follows [me] into the ecstasies of birth each time through the threshold opened by that first breath", it also partakes of that process, its "key" being generated anew.

Going into the ritual I thought that if my Genius gave me another name to call it by that I would most likely end up favouring it over the letters generated from the chart. Now I feel equal affection and love for all the ones I've received and the different aspects they represent. Honestly, when I first calculated the name through the spreadsheet I had an "oh, okay then" moment—no intimate visions or a big "aha!" moment I expected to have. Now, that name is positively alive for me, brimming with meaning and embodied mystery. I feel it in every breath my body takes. One of the reasons I absolutely love this kind of Hermetic magic is the rediscovery and active engagement with these profound, cosmic spirit relationships that are just always there. By reclaiming both our nature and our spiritual responsibilities through the divine within us, we can willfully reach back to what is ever reaching our way, whether we recognize it or not.

The very concept of this spirit is really quite new to me, and I'll definitely be processing all of what it revealed to me for a long while. I will absolutely be calling on my Genius frequently as it encouraged me to—evocations aside, it also taught me a simple divination system and accompanying prayer that I can use whenever I need its advice.

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