19 March 2017

Equinox Prep

It was my great pleasure to assist my lodge with initiating a new round of Minervals. Having the chance to look over the ritual text and set up the temple was certainly an invaluable experience for me, as it definitely deepened my appreciation for the experience. I also greatly enjoyed meeting members from another Ontario lodge who attended the initiation. It had always been my hope that I would find a community of magicians locally since I began university; I had just always assumed I would likely get along the most with say, the Wiccan or neopagan circles in the city, not the Thelemic ones! I am really privileged to have met so many intelligent and interesting people. It's wonderful to be able to learn about Thelema, grimoires, and Enochian magic while also discussing traditional witchcraft, animism, psi research, the PGM, Iamblichus, and even Andrew Chumbley's writing with friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging practitioners.

With tomorrow being the Equinox there is a lot of work to be done. I'm officially beginning the restrictive, prayerful retreat with my HGA, heeding his instructions and working with materials provided by the White Work course and Abramelin. It's also going to be Thelemic New Year, ushering in Anno V:iii, so I will be doing my own Supreme Ritual Invocation of Horus and a meditation on the Empress card which will represent the year.

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