20 March 2017

Vernal Equinox 2017

Happy Thelemic New Year, Anno V:iii, and Vernal Equinox to all you lovely, lovely people. Today marks the start of my six month HGA retreat, modeled similarly but not exactly on Abramelin. The structure is divided over three two-month periods with increasing restrictions and prayer & ritual requirements, culminating in a week of conjuration. Some Abramelin-specific guidelines were intentionally removed by my HGA (such as the "no doing magic that isn't healing" restriction, the specification that the operator should be older than twenty-five, and others) but some new ones specific to my circumstances and what would be best to create the stress of retreat for me were added in their place. I'm not going to be saying that I'm doing "Abramelin" proper, but I'm definitely not going to be downplaying the intentional parallels and generous borrowing, hence the tag. 

I followed my HGA's instructions closely and performed the modified Headless One included in the White Work as well. I was completely flummoxed by what I saw and will be journaling this in my daily magical diary thoroughly. Something unlike I've ever encountered before seems to be taking flight with this procedure and for the first time, beyond just trusting my spirits about this whole "retreat", I'm really seeing how drastically new and different what it is my HGA wants to show me over the next half a year is. The hints already are of an entirely different kind; a completely new dimension of understanding what it is that he reveals to me. No doubt this will be an exhilarating journey.

I am surrounded by the thoughts of dear friends and the presences of dear spirits around me as I work the Equinox. Cleaning, purifying, blessing, communing with my gods and working the Compass of my witchcraft. Meditating on the Empress and calling on Horus. The past year has been one of the most memorable and wonderful for me, not only in terms of spiritual development but in exercising my creativity through writing a soon-to-be-finished novel, deepening existing relationships, and making genuine and empowering friendships both in the city and online. Cutting off contact with toxic, narcissistic acquaintances was also an important contribution to my mental health as much as exercising more was for my physical health. I've never been happier with my appearance/fitness and my "earthly" company, as Ziia and I like to jokingly say.

There's going to be a lot of studying, writing, and refining in the coming months and I am so pleased to be riding the current where it takes me. Trusting in the spirits and powers and seeing where things go, while cultivating the tools to take over whatever happens. Taking in the journey and the dreams.

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